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We are Ukrainian company — Walnut General
Trading Ukraine has been harvesting and selling
walnuts for over 5 years. During this time we have
proved ourselves as a promising company with
quality products and loyal prices.
Export terms
We export walnuts to countries in
Europe and Asia on the following
terms: CNF, CIF, DAP,
Hand harvesting
In contrast to Chinese and American walnuts,
which are harvested from trees, Ukrainian
walnuts are harvested exclusively by hand(!),
only when fully ripened and fallen to the
100% ripeness
These fully ripened walnuts have exceptional
flavour and nutritional qualities.
Wholeness of the walnut
Ukrainian walnuts have a very thin shell, which, if
processed correctly, allows to get up to 90% of the
whole kernel.
Natural drying
Walnuts are dried only naturally, which allows
the colour of the kernel to remain as light as
Reliable suppliers
We work with reliable suppliers of raw
materials so we can guarantee a constant supply
of nuts.
We receive walnuts grown on ecologically clean
Ukrainian rich black soil in the most favourable
climatic regions of Ukraine.
Working with us, you will receive high-quality
walnuts in bulk quantities, sorted and packaged in a
compact, safe packaging. Our products are guaranteed
to retain all the useful properties.
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